Are You Looking For a Free Learn Spanish Online Course?

To be honest with the state of the economy as it is I wouldn’t blame anyone for looking for whatever they can find for free that they would normally pay for, but can we really get everything and anything for free on the internet?

I don’t know about finding EVERYTHING for free, but where learning a language is concerned; with a large portion of perseverance and another of dedication you can pretty much dig up enough free information to study practically any language. ( Valencian being an exception, as I have recently found out.)

Take Spanish for a course in miracles example; if you are looking for a free, learn Spanish online course; you will indeed find quite a few, pretty quickly too I hasten to add. But if you are looking to gain a good level of Spanish fluency on the back of these free courses you would be sorely misguided.

Sure, a free, learn Spanish online course sounds great but as with most things that are free on the internet they will be either outdated, and therefore redundant, or they will not be up to the job in hand and because of this they carry no value; trust me on this, if they carried any real value they would not be offered for free!

So, do not think that when you download a free learn Spanish online course with an expectant smile on your face that you will be getting a Michael Angelo of language courses, chances are you’ll be getting your local odd job man armed with a rusty old tin of cheap magnolia paint!

That isn’t to say that there is no free material worth having on the internet. There are a host of free dictionaries and translation tools that will assist you greatly and a great many sites that each bring something different to the table, but there is one excellent site I always instruct students to check out and it is the BBC’s website.

Now I know you were searching for a free learn Spanish online course and it was stated earlier that there is nothing free on the net, that resembles anything closely related to a good course. Well the BBC site is about the only exception to this rule; although not strictly a free learn Spanish online course it does offer exceptional resources of high quality. I won’t go into too much detail about this site but you can check it out for yourself

If you decide eventually that your best option is to buy a course, then you should look at a conversational course first of all. You will be able to embrace the Spanish language much more quickly and gain a level of fluency in speaking and understanding so much quicker than if you were learning with a traditional course that starts you off with learning weeks of tedious grammar.

So to conclude:

1. Don’t waste your time looking for a good, free, learn Spanish online course, they don’t exist.

2. Check out the BBC website for a GOOD start learning Spanish with quality resources.

3. Use the links below to access a FREE 6-day Conversational Spanish



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