Beginner Golf Clubs – How to Pick Your First Set of Clubs

A Famous golfer once said that the best club he kept in his bag was a pencil with an eraser on it.

If you’re planning to take up the game of golf, remember that many high-profile companies offer a wide selection of golf clubs to choose from, but briansclub you don’t need the most expensive or technologically advanced set to learn the game.

For any golfer, striking a golf ball well comes down to two basic factors:

(1) How hard you hit it, and (2) The angle at which the club face meets the ball.

For beginners, club head speed is something that will increase gradually over time as you continue to play and practice. The same holds true for squaring up the club face, most beginners tend to drag the club face at impact, causing the ball to veer or slice away from the intended target.

A typical set of golf clubs consists of 3 through 9 irons, 3-wood, 5-wood,sand wedge,pitching wedge, driver and a putter. Here are a few simple guidelines to keep in mind as you look for the right set of “starter” clubs to improve your game:

Shaft Flex

Because beginners normally have slower swings, shafts with higher flexibility store more energy through the downswing and can add yards of distance to your shots while counteracting the tendency to drag the club face. Most club sets are available with hi-flex shafts.

Size of the Club Face

The new trend in golf club design is the hybrid club, which takes the heavier mass and expanded club face size of a wood and applies those features to irons. For beginners, the larger club faces provide more room for error on impact, preventing those dreaded shanks and “top-shots”.

Club Offset and Length

Offset club faces are ideal for beginners because they compensate for slower club head speeds and that dragging effect. Also, the length of the clubs in relation to a golfer’s height can affect ball trajectory. For taller-than-average golfers, extended club shafts are highly recommended.

Grip Comfort

How your golf clubs feel in your hands contributes to a relaxed golf swing. If the grips feel too big or too small, you may be distracted from other important swing keys. Grips come in a variety of materials, patterns and sizes, and can be fitted at any pro shop for a nominal fee.


Putting is the one area of the game where beginners can quickly lower their scores and become proficient without intensive practice. While there are many types of putters available today, including long-shafted and even “belly putters,” beginners should look for a putter that allows you to sink those “knee-knocker” three-footers with consistency.


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