Cleaning Your Digital Camera Lens – Important Do’s and Don’ts

If the lens is your camera’s window to the world, then you can understand the importance of keeping the lens as clean as possible. Smudges and dust on the lens can cause problems with image quality, just as a dirty window can spoil the view outside your home. Cleaning the lens requires some special considerations to ensure that you don’t damage the glass. These tips will help you clean your lenses properly.


  • DON’T clean the lens too often, especially if you’re using some sort of cleaning fluid. Such fluids, if used excessively, can damage coatings on the lens. With most smudges and fingerprints, a clean, dry microfiber cloth should clean the lens adequately most of the time; save the cleaning fluid for stubborn problems.
  • If you decide to use a cleaning fluid with the lens, make sure you DON’T place the cleaning fluid directly on the lens. Instead, DO place a few drops of fluid on a cloth, then clean the lens with the damp cloth.
  • Instead of a cleaning fluid, DO use a few drops of distilled water on a clean cloth, especially if it’s a minor smudge.
  • With dust on the lens, DO use a small air bulb, or gently blow on the lens with your mouth. DON’T use canned air, as it is too powerful and could drive the dust into the lens housing.
  • DO use a small, soft brush to sweep dust away. Sweep the dust from the center of the lens to the edges. Then use the brush to clean the edges. Use gentle canon lens cheap price sweeping motions, so that you do not scratch the lens.
  • In a situation where you don’t have your cleaning supplies and brushes, DO use a soft, cotton cloth, such as a t-shirt, to clean the lens. Just be sure the cloth is clean, and use it gently.
  • Finally, if you are nervous about cleaning your camera lens, DO consider having a camera repair center clean the lens for you, just to be safe.


Following these tips should ensure better pictures and a more enjoyable experience with your digital camera. If you don’t feel comfortable cleaning the lens yourself or if you have a high end DSLR unit that needs a good sensor cleaning, the expert technical team at United Camera is happy to help. They are one of the nations largest digital camera repair facility and can quickly service your camera and get you back out and shooting fast!


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