Factoring The Jockey And The Trainer In Horse Racing Tips

Tipsters always focus on the horse’s stats in prior races to make horse racing tips. Rarely do they consider the skills of the trainer and the jockey in their predictions. Here are some reasons why you should not make the same mistake.

Get To Know The Top Trainers

You can either read daily racing forms or go to the race tracks to know who are the best horse trainers. Because of their numerous victories, their high earnings and excellent track records will easily compel you to bet on the horses that they have trained. The best trainers make sure that their horses are ready for any particular race. They understand that the horse should make money as well as place high in the race. Because of inexperienced horses, expert trainers may lose some races. Do not be discouraged when this happens. Some horses may need to run a few races before they can actually reach their potentials.

Steer Clear Of Trainers Who Love Their Horses Too Much

A trainer can fall head over heels with datos de carrera Americana his horse! You may not believe it, but it happens sometimes. Horse training is never easy for both the trainer and his horse. Sometimes trainers may have to test their horse’s limits to prepare them well for a race. Some may be too kind and tolerant with their horses. They might feel that their expectations are too high, so they shift to other strategies to make things easy for the horse. When a trainer is too emotionally attached to their horses, he rarely wins. Consider that the next time you study horse racing tips.

Get Acquainted With The Jockeys

If you have the chance to go to the tracks to meet the jockeys, do so. Jockeys, especially veteran ones, know the race tracks well. Experience has taught them how to steer their horses according to a track’s nooks and crannies. When you study your horse racing tips, find the jockey which has the most number of races for that particular track. Chances are, he can navigate his horse better than the rest. Jockeys, like horses, prefer some tracks than most. It would be wise to include this in your handicaps.

The Horse Will Always Be The Bottomline

The trainer is responsible for entering the horse into a particular race and class. The jockey is there to guide the horse to victory. Still, the two can only do what they can. When the starting gun fires, everything is up to the horse. No effective training regimen can make up for an unfit horse. As you study horse racing tips or when you make bets online, always prioritize the horse’s skill, but never undermine the impact of a good trainer and a shrewd jockey.


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