Fascinating Uses of Ceramics

The durability of Ceramics can not be over-emphasized. In Modern society, the use of Ceramic products has recently become very popular. The Ceramics we know today date as far back as 2,400 BC, when the first clay artefacts and pottery were unearthed. It is believed these Archeological treasures were used in rituals during that period, and were considered sacred. As civilization moved forward and people needed specific utensils, Ceramics was seen as a very durable material. Generally speaking, Ceramics are divided into two categories. They are either “traditional” or “advanced”. The traditional category is where most household goods are categorised. Anything that is used on a daily basis like Mugs, Dishes or other utensils that may be used around the house would fall under the traditional category.

The use of Ceramic Products do not end in the kitchen, in Construction for instance, you will find more advanced uses of ceramics being introduced into building materials. It is incorporated into the floors, counter-tops and fire-places. Many Residential properties now use Ceramic floors to give a unique, stylish look. You will also see that ceramics are used for decorations around a fire-place to add some accent to a room.

Even in the advanced world of Aviation, Ceramics are used in Aircrafts ceramic vase and space shuttles because of its ability to act as a lightweight fire protector and its thermal insulation properties which help ensure that the Shuttles won’t blow up as the engines heat up, this is because Ceramics resist heat. In Sports, Ceramics are fused into various sporting equipments, from Race cars, to Golf clubs because of its tough, but light weight nature. No matter the amount of abuse a frustrated Golfer subjects his/her club to, it remains a good putter, unless of-course a dedicated approach of destruction is pursued.

In the Medical field, there are scientific advances that are using Ceramics. For example, cancer patients are benefiting from glass beads with Ceramic traces that are very tiny and made radioactive through a scientific process. These have been particularly beneficial to treatment given to liver Cancer patients. They are inserted into the tumour to help reduce it and they leave less damage than regular Chemotherapy. Still on the Medical uses of Ceramics, one of the leading and most readily known to the average person, is in the field of Dentistry. Most people have fillings,dentures or dental bridges and a lot of the materials used are Ceramic, this represents another one of the advanced uses. This is because many dental products are made through this method because of its ability to work with the body, rather than against it. Although the production and design of Ceramic products can be a very complicated process, it is notable to mention that it is a wonderful material that can be used in a variety of areas within society.


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