Global Property Experts Promote Brazil Investment

As Brazil’s largest property and tourism investment conference gets underway, global expert Gary Garrabrant prepares to address the audience on his company’s Brazilian investment prospects.

The three-day ADIT Brasil conference takes place in Forteleza, Ceara, and expects to attract over 1,700 investors, including more than 100 international business people attracted by favourable aspects of Brazil’s investment climate.

Brazil’s Investment Opportunities

As co-founder of Equity International, an investment outfit which develops Investment climate globally competitive companies across fast-growing emerging markets, Garrabrant’s keynote speech will highlight Brazil’s investment opportunities.

It’s little surprise that Equity International is so interested in investing in Brazil. As a BRIC nation, the country boasts one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, with a healthy 7.5% growth rate in 2010. Brazil is also a safe bet for overseas investors such as Equity International.

The government is keen to boost foreign direct investment, and overseas investors enjoy the same rights as their domestic counterparts.

Brazil’s stable democracy – as demonstrated by the recent general election, where power was peacefully transferred – and robust legal system promise a secure property investment.

ADIT Brasil’s new president, Luiz Henrique Lessa, claimed that Garrabrant’s speech will “change the perception of those who still question Brazil as an investment destination. It will shed more light on the international investor experience and prove correct those who refer to Brazil’s current condition as the country’s golden age.”

Focus on Property Investment

Equity International functions across a variety of industries, but Garrabrant has chosen to focus on Brazil’s property and tourism sectors because these offer particularly attractive investment opportunities.

Brazil’s booming economic growth has propelled seven million people into the middle class in recent years, leading to a housing deficit of around seven million properties and high domestic demand.

Mortgages have only recently developed in Brazil, meaning that home financing is widely-available but not dogged by the same issues of over-strectching and under-funding currently affecting much of Europe and the USA.

Investment opportunity is particularly ripe in previously undervalued regions such as Bahia, in the north-east, where land is relatively cheap and widely-available – at least at the moment.

With high prospective returns, a buoyant and growing market, and good deals still available, a Brazil investment is understandably attractive to global business experts and individual investors alike.

Bahia is the No. 1 area for Brazilian people to go on holiday and a tourism paradise and amongst the fastest growing states in the whole of Brazil.



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