How to Clean Ceramic Wall Tiles

Ceramic tiles are used on many other types of surfaces besides just on floors. Ceramic tiles are often installed on walls as well as many other vertical surfaces. The most common area for ceramic wall tiles to be installed is in a shower or bathtub enclosure. Ceramic wall tiles are also installed in many bathrooms and offer a somewhat sanitary surface that will not stain or absorb odors like normal wall board can.

Cleaning ceramic wall tiles is more difficult than cleaning ordinary floor tiles for one simple reason. The cleaning chemicals will not sit and dwell on the surface as easily as they will when applied to floors. The cleaners must be allowed to react with the dirt, stains and contaminates so that the dirt and contaminates can be scrubbed out and lifted from the tile surface as well as the grout.

When cleaning any vertical surface all of the delicate surfaces underneath and beside the vertical surface to be cleaned must be protected from the cleaning chemicals that eventually will be used. Wood floors, carpets, delicate laminate floors and many other surrounding objects can be damaged with cleaning chemicals. Tarps work well to protect the underlying surfaces and they will also absorb small amounts of the cleaning chemicals so they will not leak onto the surfaces below.

The difficult aspect of cleaning ceramic wall tiles https://www.globalreachceramic.com/page/item/product.html?type=16 is how to keep the cleaning chemicals on the dirty ceramic tiles and grout so that the cleaning products can do their work. When cleaning ceramic wall tiles a soft scrubbing sponge works best to apply the cleaning chemicals. The sponge will hold a large volume of the cleaning chemicals and you can use the scrubbing side of the scrubbing sponge to agitate the ceramic wall tiles and grout.

You should only clean small areas of the ceramic wall tiles at a time so that the cleaning chemicals stay in constant contact with the area being cleaned. Typically it will take extra time and energy scrubbing the grout to get the grout as clean as possible. After you have cleaned a section of the ceramic wall tiles and grout then thoroughly rinse the area of tile and grout that has been cleaned so that there is no cleaner residue left on the tiles and grout.

Ceramic tiles are extremely dense and hard tiles and you can not damage them with most types of alkaline and acidic cleaners. Sometimes acidic cleaners will work to get the grout cleaner than when just using ordinary alkaline tile cleaning chemicals. An acidic cleaner can be sprayed directly on the ceramic wall tiles and agitated into the grout with a scrub brush. Then a scrubbing brush soaked with clean hot water can be used to rinse the excess acidic cleaner from the ceramic tiles and grout. Spraying the acidic cleaner on the ceramic wall tiles in this way will prevent any excess acidic cleaning chemicals from flowing down the vertical tiles and damaging the underlying surfaces. Using acidic cleaners requires great care because they can stain carpets and they will also etch any stainless steal surfaces they come in contact with.


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