Ideas For Making Your Own Compost Bin

If you’ve decided to start making your own compost, you’re probably wondering what type of bin, bucket or container to use for it. There are actually many options for both indoor and outdoor compost bins and containers, but they’re also quite easy to make yourself too.

Most commercial bins just have extra features that make the composting process a little easier or cleaner. You can for example, buy a commercial compost bin which has a crank on it to allow you to turn the bin regularly, thus mixing up your compost pile. Many also have various types of trays and screens which make harvesting your finished compost easier too, but again these are extras and not really required for kompostownik z palet a basic compost bin.

In fact, almost any type of bucket will do for a kitchen counter compost bin. I’ve used old ice cream buckets for gathering kitchen compost waste. Larger bins are needed for larger amounts of compost of course, and to help get your compost activated. For these you can use a larger plastic storage bin like those you’ll find at Walmart. Just cut a large hole in the bottom and sit it in a spot of dirt in the backyard, then add the contents from your kitchen compost bucket as well as any yard and garden waste as needed. The hole in the bottom will allow worms to find your compost, and they’ll help break down all the materials much more quickly.

Another easy way to make your own compost bin is using wooden pallets. Just three will do but you’ll want four if you’d like to have a door on your compost bin. All you do is stand the pallets up on their sides, attach them together with screws or nails to form a box or square like container and you’re done! If you plan to add the fourth pallet as a door then you may want to add a hinge and latch to that pallet, so you’ll be able to open and close your compost bin door easily when adding materials, mixing the compost, or harvesting it.


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