Last Ship to the Moon (In the Year 2051 AD)

Erskine Walsh at once recognized Nathan Adams, the superintendent and viceroy-or representative of the International United Space Committee-on earth for the space program on the Moon, the biggest of interspaced programs-between Earth and the Moon thus far, ever undertaken, was in Nathan’s hands. It was more than probable that the Viceroy had sent out the documents to the Space Committee, and the message just came back, and it all but seemed certain that the end of this fifty-year project was coming to its end. In one important respect, it would give the tax payers of over thirty countries for which this project was in their hands, relief. The last letter Nathan had sent was a tone of intimation of failing to provide a sense of security, unity among the Minor’s city of thirty-thousand, that Erskine Walsh had taken over-once assistant to the superintendent-it was almost to an appeal for help. Viceroy Adams summed up these facts, by saying,

“My dear friends, of the International United Space Committee, and to its overseer, and First Consul Man Kofi Solomon, we must be quick to abandon this unfortunate project and start anew, without delay, lest Erskine Walsh, dominate the city whole city without protest. For my part he has become the ruler, if not the likes of a mafia godfather, deranged with grandeurs of power, and has a sadistic following. I’m quite ready to assist you in the evaluation, should you hesitate, my recommendation is to send one last ship for those who can make it out-it’s not so unlikely that he would not allow one space craft to leave for a spacecraft of supplies.”

First Consul Man Kofi Solomon, expressed much surprise, even though he had called for an evaluation of the work and potential of this now radical first city on the moon as an asset for funding of the mining of the first colony city, an overview of it potential and its radical side. When they had explored the site and project fifty-years prior, in the spring of 2010, this possibility of revolution, and rebellion was so much a faint fragment in the analysis, so very small was it, far smaller than imagined, it had escaped notice as a real disastrous potential. A billion dollars a week to keep 集運公司 this project afloat, was not yielding all that much in return. And to support regime 24 0,000-miles away for the glory of one man called Erskine Walsh was thoughtfully incomprehensible. They could do as Nathan Adams suggested, by sending one last ship and wait for the regime to die. Consul Man Kofi, had told the committee, “There’s no difficulty in that, I should imagine,” appealing to the committee for confirmation, at Adams’ request.

Said the committee, in letter form to the First Consul Man, “This idea of yours and Viceroy Adams, is generous” they admitted, “and we don’t want to throw any opportunities away, or put any obstacles in your way; but we beg you pardon us, if we make a few vital and imperative considerations. The temperature of the tax paying people in thirty-seven countries is already well over the hot point, and would be keen on making this project totally, unbearable, should I tell them to send another ship full of supplies at a cost of billions of dollars to save four-hundred and fifty people out of 30,000-inhabitants, whom would be exposed to a take over of the ship; and, what’s more, this expedition will be of little use to them, and those you wish to help. They will have to survive on their own provisions, we are unwilling to recognize any such adventure, and would prefer to answer this quietly, so tell Nathan Adams to find shelter for him and his comrades, so he does not perish with the cold, and airless planet, perhaps he can make a rock igloo. Let us know if things change.”



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