Rattan Garden Furniture, Looking to the Future

Rattan Garden Furniture, looking to the future

So, the summer season of 2013 is practically over with stock running low to non-existent. This year has been fantastic for Rattan Garden Furniture. It was a little touch and go at the start of the year with the April/May snow storms but once the snow cleared up the sun eventually came out to play.

As soon as the sun started to show its sunny rays of light the mood lifted and people eagerly came out to see what 2013 has on offer in the way of Rattan Garden Furniture.

We had the normal configurations such as the classic Rattan Sofa Sets and still had the larger Modular Rattan Sofa Sets as well. This bit didn’t change that much however, we did see some more types of dining furniture and especially the “Cube” type furniture had many more forms, shapes and styles.

One of the main things that we noticed was that although the furniture had similar designs, the actual Rattan Furniture material came in different colours and different textures as well. Some sets had a “Scratched” effect which makes it look more natural like the real things where as others kept with the smooth finish, but this wasn’t the only changes that came this year.

Colours also made an impact where by companies have been experimenting with either different colours altogether or added a greater mix between a light and dark colour (for example the mainstream mixed brown colours that have been used in the past now have a greater contrast between the lightest brown and the darkest brown).

The main stream colours are still very much here to stay and will still prove Rattan Dining Sets to be popular but if you really want something different, there will be something coming to the market to please you.

This year we have seen different types of patterns emerge into the market such as the Open Weave Rattan sets and I think that this will only get more and more creative in 2014.

So what does 2014 hold for us?

We think that mixing patterns, colours and textures will become more predominate and will open up a whole range of creative elegant  Sets to pick and choose from. We also vision that people will start to tinker with cushion colours as well. This will add a bit of customization to the Rattan Furniture and will break away from the normal white and beige coloured cushions.


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